Naked DSL – Frequently Asked Questions

1. All about Naked DSL
What is Naked DSL?
Naked DSL is a type of ADSL2+ broadband Internet connection that doesn’t require a landline phone service. So you no longer need to pay line rental for a phone service that you hardly ever use!  Naked DSL is also known as Naked ADSL, Naked Broadband or ULL.
Don’t I need an active phone line for broadband?
In the past you have, but not any more! All you need is a copper line connected from the Telstra exchange to your home or business. When you sign up for Naked DSL, Telstra will physically transfer your phone line into a ULL line, which means you don’t have to pay line rental for each month. This new line is connected to your Naked DSL provider’s network equipment (called a DSLAM) in the exchange. This enables you to get Naked DSL – ADSL2+ broadband internet without having to pay for the phone line rental!
What speeds can I get from Naked DSL?
Naked DSL is delivered using ADSL2+ technology, which is the fastest speed available over a copper line. Each Naked DSL provider quotes different maximum speeds and actual customer speeds. Here are some examples:
TPG: TPG’s Naked DSL is delivered to you using ADSL2+ technology with speeds up to 20Mbps – much faster than regular ADSL. Around 70% of our ADSL2+ customers can achieve speeds between 10Mbps and 20Mbps.
Internode: NakedExtreme ADSL2+, which is delivered on Internode’s own DSLAMs, provides maximum speeds of up to 24Mbps/2Mbps. Over 13% of Internode customers achieve higher download speed than 20Mbps, and over 63% achieving more than 10Mbps. Internode’s Naked ADSL2+ plans provided on Optus DSLAMs have a theoretical maximum speed of 20Mbps/820kbps.
Actual speeds achieved will vary due to a number of factors including the length of copper cable from your premises to the local telephone exchange, network configuration and traffic, the quality of the copper line, cabling and your DSL equipment.
How does Naked DSL work?
Naked DSL works the same way as other ADSL and ADSL2+ broadband services, so all you need to do is configure your broadband modem if you are new to ADSL2+. You can plug your modem into the same phone socket on the wall.
Can I keep my existing phone number?
It depends on the Naked DSL provider. Check out our provider reviews and comparisons to see if they can transfer (port) your phone number.
Are there any services that cannot work on a Naked DSL line?
Yes. A Naked DSL line does not have a dial tone, so any service that needs a dial tone will not work, such as:
• Phones
• Fax machines
• Back to Base alarm systems
• Dial security cameras
• 56K Dial up modem
• Digital Pay TV (e.g.Foxtel) will still be ok however services like voting or purchasing box office movies will not work since these services need a landline phone service.
If I don’t have landline service, how do I make phone calls?
Most Naked DSL providers will offer a free or very competitively priced VoIP account which will allow you to make calls using your broadband connection. In most cases the quality of calls will be excellent. You can also use a mobile phone to make calls or if you have a second landline at your home or office.
Will I need to contact Telstra about cancelling my landline phone service?
No, this will happen automatically when the transfer to Naked DSL takes place. Unless you have arranged with your Naked DSL Provider to transfer your existing landline phone number to a VoIP service, you will lose your telephone number at this point. Many providers, although not all, can arrange for you to keep your existing landline phone number. If you have any contractual obligations or outstanding accounts with your phone provider, you will need to settle those and close the account.
What happens to my phone number if I don’t port it – can I change my mind and get it back?
No – once your phone number is disconnected you may not be able to get it back. The phone number will be released back to your phone provider and eventually assigned to another customer.
2. Naked DSL Availability
Can I get Naked DSL?
The availability of Naked DSL in your area depends if it has been enabled in your local phone exchange. Our Naked DSL coverage checker will be launching soon to see if it is available in your area. In the meantime please email admin@nakeddsl.com.au and we will send you back a list of what providers and plans are available to you.
Other requirements include:
• Copper cable to your premises owned by Telstra Network
• The exchange you connect to has available capacity
• There is no complex product on the phone line for example fax duet, rotary line, line hunt, PABX or ISDN
• There is no incompatible cabling infrastructure such as Pair Gain, RIM or a sub-exchange
How do I check if my Naked DSL enabled exchange has available capacity?
The number of ports available in each exchange varies. We will soon be launching a tool to see the current status of port availability at your exchange. In the meantime please email us for port availability details in your area – admin@nakeddsl.com.au
3. Naked DSL Registration & Installation
How do I register for Naked DSL?
We recommend signing up online with the provider of your choice. Online sign up is fast and easy and usually takes about 5 -10 minutes.
How long does it take for Naked DSL to be connected?
Each provider quotes a different connection time frame. TPG is the quickest quoting from 5-11 days. Most Naked DSL providers quote 10-20 business days. There are numerous factors involved that could vary your connection time frame including your location, your line and Telstra technicians completing tasks at the exchange. If Telstra misses deadlines and timeframes for work that needs doing, then your connection may be delayed. Your Naked DSL ISP will often be caught in the middle of this with no control over the technicians. If there are unforeseen delays there is no point in yelling and screaming at your ISP.
How am I notified during the connection process?
Each provider does this differently, but email and SMS are the most common communication methods.
Can I cancel Naked DSL and get my phone line back with my old provider?
If your phone line was with Telstra (or a Telstra reseller) you can ask them to reconnect your old service. For more information on reconnecting your phone line to Telstra call Telstra on 1800 804 698. You may or may not be able to reconnect your old number.
What does “working or active phone line” mean?
It means you have a dial tone and can make and receive calls.
Can I get Naked DSL if my phone line is not active?
Yes – but depends on the provider you choose to go with. In our Naked DSL provider reviews we indicate whether that particular provider will set up Naked DSL on an inactive line. Some do not offer this service yet.
What do I do if the house I move into has never had a phone line connected previously?
If there is a phone socket on the wall, then there has likely been a phone connected at some stage. If there is no phone socket, then you will need to contact Telstra on 132000 to connect a line which can then be transferred to Naked DSL.
Do I need to contact Telstra to cancel my phone line before applying for Naked DSL?
No. Your Naked DSL provider will take care of that.
I currently have broadband with another provider. Can I apply for Naked DSL?
Yes, of course. There are some details to keep in mind depending on what broadband service you currently have. Please read the next FAQ.
I currently have broadband with another provider. How long will I be without broadband for?
If you currently have ADSL2+ and want to transfer to Naked DSL, you will need to submit an application to your chosen provider. After the initial checks indicate that Naked DSL should be available at your home or office, you will be asked to disconnect your current ADSL2+ broadband service. From the date of disconnection you may be without broadband for approximately 6-15 working days.
If you are on ADSL1, then some providers can leave your broadband service working up until the time you transfer to Naked DSL, so the loss of service will be shorter than above. If you’ve got questions or concerns about transferring to Naked DSL then please email us at admin@nakeddsl.com.au
When will I lose my landline phone service?
You can make phone calls right up until the time your Naked DSL transfer occurs .
Do I need to be at home on the date that Naked DSL is connected?
If you have an active phone line that is being transferred to Naked DSL, you will not need to be at home.
If you have an inactive phone line – if you cannot make or receive calls or get a dial tone – then you will need to be at home for the connection in case a technician needs access to your house to test your line. They may not need to access your house, but in case they do you will need to be available. If you’re not it may delay your Naked DSL connection and you may incur a $109 fee from Telstra for missing an appointment. Unfortunately the appointments by Telstra technicians give only a general time frame of when they will come. This is often hard to plan around and very inconvenient, but once again it’s not your Naked DSL provider’s fault and they can’t do anything about Telstra’s technician scheduling. Just think that once you are connected to Naked DSL you’ll not have to every pay line rental again!
Can I use my service immediately after the connection appointment?
In most cases no, but you’re getting close to being able to use it! The technician’s visit is just one of the steps in enabling Naked DSL. Your provider will still need to complete the activation and set up of your account.
Can I use my Naked Line with my dial-up connection?
No, a dial up modem requires a dial tone to operate and when you transfer to Naked DSL you will lose the dial tone on your line.
4. Other Naked DSL Questions and Terminology

Will my phone number be listed in the next edition of the Whitepages?
No, when your phone line is cancelled during the Naked DSL connection process, your Whitepages listing will be removed.
Can I make 000 emergency calls with a VoIP service?
Most of the VoIP services from the major Naked DSL providers (like iinet or Internode) will be fine for making 000 emergency calls. However if your broadband is disconnected or your VoIP modem is not working you will not be able to make calls to 000.
Is making a VoIP phone call much different to a normal call?
Not really – you still pick up a phone and make the call just how you always have. The main difference is that you plug your phone into the back of your modem, rather than into the plug in the wall. Most people don’t have a noticeable difference in quality, but it does depend on the strength and quality of your broadband connection. For most VoIP users there is such a dramatic reduction in phone call costs, that it’s well worth the switch to VoIP.
What is the best Naked DSL Plan?
The best plan for you will be the one that best meets your own needs, budget and circumstances. NakedDSL.com.au is a website that can help you in that process by comparing pricing, data allowance, set up fees and contract lengths across a wide range of Naked DSL plans and providers. So read our reviews, use our search and compare tools as they can help you make a decision that will be best for you. So we won’t tell you which provider and plan to pick, but we’ll help you along and make the decision a whole lot easier!
What is “shaping”?
Shaping is also known as throttling and it is a reduction in download and upload speed. Many providers shape your speed once your monthly data quota has been reached. Many people find shaping a favourable alternative than having to pay excess fees if you exceed your data allowance. Some providers allow you to buy extra blocks of data to keep using your Naked DSL at maximum speed and other providers will simply slow/shape/throttle your speed until the end of your billing cycle.
Are uploads counted in the data allowance?
Some providers do include uploads in the data allowance, which means you will use your allowance faster. There are many providers that only count downloads in your allowance and give uploads for free. In our Naked DSL provider reviews we have detailed for each provider what they include in their data allowance.
Should I go on an 18 or 24 month contract?
There are some great potential benefits available for going into a longer contract, like discounted or free set up fees or reduced hardware costs. But once again this is completely up to you and should be based on your own circumstances. In return for the commitment you offer on a longer contract you can expect some benefits from your ISP – so check out what the benefits are and how they suit you. If you do go into contract, make sure you are aware of all the terms and conditions and any early exit fees.
What are peak and off-peak times?
Some providers have started splitting your data allowance into peak and off peak periods. Not all providers do it – see our Naked DSL reviews for details on which ISPs don’t have peak and off peak times. Each provider has different times for peak and off peak. We list those times when you are using the plan and provider search functionality of NakedDSL.com.au
Who should I talk to if I have a technical question?
If you have not yet signed up for a Naked DSL service, then we are more than happy to answer any questions, as best we can. Contact us at admin@nakeddsl.com.au If you are connected to Naked DSL already, then speak to your Internet Service Provider for technical support, as they will have access to your account and service details.
5. Changes to the Service and Cancellation
If I am moving house, can I relocate my Naked DSL service?
Yes, you can relocate your Naked DSL connection provided it is available at your new location. Every provider will charge different fees for a relocation. For the scenario where Naked DSL is not available at your new premises, you may have to pay disconnection fees. If you are considering moving, then you’d be best off choosing a Naked DSL provider who can offer no contract or short contract terms. Visit the Naked DSL Comparison page and search by contract length.
Can I change Naked DSL back to ADSL or ADSL2+?
You need to cancel your Naked DSL service and apply a new connection for ADSL or ADSL2+. Fees and charges may apply as well as connection costs of a phone line.
Can I cancel Naked DSL and get my phone line back with my old provider?
If your phone line was with Telstra you can ask them to reconnect your old service, but this process can take up to 5 weeks. For more information on returning your phone number to Telstra call them on 1800 804 698. If your phone service was with another provider you will not be able to reconnect your old number. If you cancel directly with your Naked DSL provider it will be quicker, however when you reconnect a new phone service with another provider you will be automatically allocated a new phone number.
If you have further questions please email admin@nakeddsl.com.au
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