iinet BoB2 Review

by Luke on July 6, 2011

The original BoB modem from iinet proved to be a huge hit, so it’s no surprise that the engineering team at iinet would eventually released the next generation BoB. And today that happened – BoB2 has been released.

BoB2 is the second major release (after BoB Lite) from the iinet Lab. Let’s check out how good looking and value for money BoB2 really is.

This review is two things:

  1. a analysis of the features and pricing of BoB2 (or you can read the iinet BoB2 FAQs)
  2. a comparison with BoB Lite, so you can decide which modem is better for you

Set Up: The original BoB was super easy to set up and BoB2 utilises the same “Plug and Play” methodology. With BoB, iinet has done a remarkable job of simplifying the set up of a new Naked DSL or ADSL2+ broadband service. Just plug it in and all the settings will automatically update – perfect for those of us who aren’t so technically inclined. Both BoB2 and BoB Lite include this feature. With BoB2 your wireless network is password protected from the start – which it wasn’t with the first BoB.

Price: BoB2 is $199 if you buy it with a 24 month contract or $279 if you buy it outright. BoB Lite is only $69 on a 24 month contract or $129 to buy outright. So BoB Lite is a fair bit cheaper, but keep in mind that BoB2 has extra features and comes with a matching BoB2 handset. BoB Lite requires a handset if you want to use it with a VoIP service like iiTalk.

BoB Version Price More Details
BoB Lite $69 – with 24 month agreement See more
BoB Lite $129 – buy outright See more
BoB2 $199 – with 24 month agreement See more
BoB2 $279 – buy outright See more

4 Port, Wireless Modem: both versions of BoB can connect mutiple computers simultaneously and both have 802.11n wireless networking.

VoIP: BoB2 has 2 VoIP ports whereas the Lite has only one. Most home users of a VoIP service like iiTalk (which comes free with iinet Naked DSL) would usually only need 1 VoIP line. But for those who want the extra VoIP service even from two different providers, BoB2 is a better option.

Handset and Answering Machine: BoB2 comes with a sleek, matching handset – the Lite modem comes with no handset. The BoB2 handset has a full colour screen and speakerphone. It also has Parental Controls and an inbuilt answering machine, both features which BoB version1 and Lite don’t have.

Fetch TV & NBN Compatible: All BoB Modems are Fetch TV compatible and ready for the National Broadband Network which is starting to be rolled out around Australia.

Plans: The most popular iinet plans are –

  • ADSL2+ – starting at $29.95 plus line rental – click here
  • Naked DSL – starting at $69.95 per month – click here


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