Naked DSL and ADSL2+ in Murray Bridge

by Luke on August 3, 2009

Naked DSL in Murray BridgeNaked DSL and ADSL2+ Broadband are now available in Murray Bridge!

Internode has recently added more equipment to the Murray Bridge phone exchange, which means Naked DSL is now available to order. Internode is an Adelaide based company that is consistently one of the highest rated Internet Service Providers for customer service and network quality.

When you order Naked DSL from Internode you can also get a free VoIP account with $10 of free credit each month.  VoIP makes your phone calls through your internet connection rather than the Telstra phone network, and is consequently far cheaper. For example untimed calls to any landline in Australia are only 18 cents!

With a VoIP enabled modem, you can continue to make phone calls using your standard home phone or even your hands free home phone.

Internode’s Naked DSL Extreme plans start at just $49.95 per month. You can connect to Naked DSL with Internode regardless of whether you do or don’t have an active Telstra phone line. Just put in the application with whatever you currently have!

We recommend connecting to Naked DSL, but if you prefer to keep your landline, you can also get ADSL2+ Broadband in Murray Bridge now too with Internode. Internode can also bundle your ADSL2+ and landline service together for convenient billing. This service is called Nodeline, and for most people the Internode phone rates will be better than Telstra’s. Not as good as using VoIP, but still an improvement over Telstra rates.

If you would like to see the Internode Naked DSL plans, click here. In Murray Bridge you can get the Extreme plans which are on the Internode Network. So just ignore the Optus network plans, which are not as good value anyway. If you’re ready to put in an application with Internode then:

Click Here To Sign Up With Internode >>

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