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Exetel Naked DSL Plans and Details

Exetel certainly offers something different in the Naked DSL market. They offer an entry level plan of only $40 per month, with 6GB of peak downloads and no charge for off peak downloads! That doesn’t quite mean unlimited as there is a fair use policy, but you are guaranteed to get at least 60GB of off peak data and likely even more.

Exetel just has one contract length of 12 months, with a low activation fee of $60. Exetel has also now introduced shaping to slow your download speed if you exceed your download allowance. If you would prefer you can choose to pay $0.50 per GB for excess usage . Exetel provides all customers with comprehensive online tools to manage your account, including knowing how much you have downloaded.

Exetel Plans

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Exetel Contract and Set Up

Contract Term Set Up Cost
12 months $40.00

Other Features

  • 5 email addresses and 50MB of web space
  • Free spam filter and virus protection
  • No excess download charges
  • Uploaded traffic is not counted
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