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Data Allowance

TPG is famous for their very high data allowances. The cheapest TPG Naked DSL plan is $49.99 per month for 40GB of data – 20GB in peak times and 20GB in off peak times. So it’s considerably more data than most other providers are giving – even if you just look at the 20GB in peak time. The peak time is from 8am until 2am.

130GB of downloads is just $59.99 per month. 70GB is for peak time usage and 60GB is for off peak.

The $79.99 plan has 200GB of data included (100GB peak + 100GB off peak). This plan has recently been renewed and the 100GB in peak time is considerably more than the previous plan. If you want more peak time data then there is also the TPG 150GB plan with no peak or off peak periods for $99.99.

TPG does not count uploads in the data allowance of their standard Naked DSL plans, which is an advantage over some of their competitors. Their Naked DSL plans with VoIP do count uploads and downloads.

Bundle Deals

TPG has now introduced a Naked DSL Plan with VoIP. The TPG VoIP service provides you with a phone number to be called on (Direct In Dial). You also get 500 minutes per month of free VoIP calls to Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

TPG VoIP is free to set up and has no monthly access fee. Calls to landlines within Australia are 10 cents each and calls to mobiles are 28 cent per minute. TPG VoIP calls to the USA and UK are only 2 cents per minute and a number of other countries are less than 5 cents per minute. Click here for TPG International VoIP rates. The TPG VoIP service is prepaid and will automatically top up your credit card if your balance becomes low. It does not cost anything to receive calls.

TPG also has an excellent Mobile Phone bundle with Naked DSL. For only $14.99 per month you get $300 worth of mobile calls and sms – what most companies charge $49 for! There is no contract with the mobile service and it comes with free calls to TPG and Optus mobiles from 8pm to midnight.

Contract Options

TPG has good options with their contract lengths. You can choose a very short 6 month contract with $149.95 set up fee or the alternative is an 18 month contract with a $79.95 set up fee.

Service and Support

TPG customer service is OK. It is based in the Philippines, so language is no problem, but it’s just not as good as some of the providers that are based in Australia with local technical support. But then again, many TPG customers never even need to speak to customer service or technical support, so it’s not really an issue for them. And TPG also offers cheaper prices and high download allowances than most of the providers with Australian based support.


If you want a Static IP, then TPG provides it for free as part of all their Naked DSL plans. Other providers such as iinet or Internode only provide a Static IP on their more expensive business plans.

TPG also includes 20 free email address and 30MB of webspace. They include free spam filter and virus protection. As mentioned above in the data allowance review, TPG provides free uploads on their Naked DSL plans.

You will also get a free TPG IPTV trial with your Naked DSL connection. This allows you to watch seleccted TV channels through your laptop or PC, delivered over your internet connection. TPG preconfigures their ADSL2+ modems for IPTV, so you don’t need purchase an expensive set top box. Some of the channels include Aljazeera, Bloomberg and Greek, German, Arabic, Indonesian and a variety of Asian programming.

Connection Options

To connect to TPG Naked DSL you need to have an active Telstra network phone line. Your bills may come from a non-Telstra provider like AAPT, but the line must be part of the Telstra network and not an Optus line. Once your Naked DSL connection is complete, your phone line will be disconnected and your broadband will be truly ‘Naked’.

If you want to sign up with Exetel but don’t have an active phone line or are moving into a new premises, you’ll need to activate one first. We recommend connecting the landline through Internode in order to avoid a Telstra $100 fee for moving to Naked DSL within 3 months.

You cannot keep your current phone number and transfer it to a TPG VoIP service.


TPG is a highly recommended Naked DSL provider, especially if you want very high download limits for a modest price. They have a lot of inclusions and freebies and a great bundle deal with your mobile if you want. Their customer service isn’t the best in the industry, but they have plenty of other strengths that makes them a very popular ISP.

Sign Up

To sign up for TPG Naked DSL visit the TPG website.

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